having a respite period from writing

A waiting period begins

Last week I sent the manuscript off to my editor. finally, after months of work and daily toil that bordered on obsessive at times. This was perfect timing since my daughter and her BF flew in from the snowy northeast. we are spending ten days together. it’s great to have houseguests. He is a professional chef and we’ve been enjoying restaurant quality food at home, along with the scintillating conversation of old friends and acquaintances.

They are pale as ghosts and we have paced our selves with sun exposure. from previous visitors thee were a half-dozen partiually used sunscreen bottles in the cupbaord, and now we have used those.

anyway, there were ten times along the way when i thought I was “done.” and each time, after a week off, I picked it up again and said, “nope. no way. I see now what I need to do.” this time is different. I think I have done what can be done.

loose endsthe very last week was really really fun because I found some ways to tie up loose ends that had haunted me. Oh, the book still leaves some things hanging, but the remaining threads will provide an entryway into the second book of this trilogy ( yes, folks, you heard it here first!)


And now I work on the next phase of getting it into print. My plan is to find an agent in New York City who will help me find a publisher. For this I need to write a query letter and also think about a back-of-the-book-cover blurb. these are essential to marketing.


Every best selling novel needs a hero and a heroine and of course, a love story. or does it?

Somewhere along the way, the book will need a cover. I was browsing through the internets and found one I like. I think one will help sell a few copies.


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