every book needs a back cover blurb

How does the physical appearance of a book entice the potential buyer?

In a bookstore, a patron looks at the cover, then reads the back cover, then the first few lines of the first page. or so they say. The blurb on the back needs to tease the casual browser into exploring further. It’s also used in a summary on Amazon and other places where a tease is used.

Back cover blurb #1


Heart-pounding medical thriller from the majestic Himalayas

As a college student on a trek during summer break, Matt was wounded in the crossfire of a mountain ambush during the civil war in Nepal.  A team of missionary doctors heroically saved his life.  While he recuperated in a remote hospital, he tutored Kali in English.  Soon it became a courtship that transcended cultural barriers to culminate in a night of passion.

He lost contact when the CIA sent a helicopter to bring him to safety.  Unable to get her out of his mind, Matt returns to Nepal years later, determined to find Kali or her story since she seems to have disappeared without a trace.

Something happened during the battle that swept through the town, and Matt must unravel the mystery.  He is now a missionary surgeon, working alongside the doctors that saved his life, earning their trust.

As Matt searches for Kali he is challenged to the utmost level of his skill and courage.  Will the consequences of Matt and Kali’s first meeting shatter the lives of everyone on the team?

naturally, the idea is to convey what a gripping page-turner this is.

At the same time, not to reveal the ending.

Oh heart break! O unrequited love! O destiny!


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