Exhuming a skeleton and trying to make sense of it

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Joe's Junk Drawer

Somerset Maugham once wrote:

“There are five rules of writing and nobody knows what they are.”

Which sums up the way I work.

My second book, The Sacrament of the Goddess, is a lot closer to completion than it was in August, when I logged the first 200 words. It’s been a hoot, and the first challenge was learning how to write in the third person. If you think that is easy, you try it. Go ahead!

He thought it was easy at first. Just like being God, he chuckled to himself. I can see into the brain of any character I choose. The person next to him on the bench at Starbucks asked him what was so funny.

“I can now control a woman’s thoughts,” he said, “and know with certainty what they are thinking.”

She got up and sat in a different part of the coffee…

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