thinking of a trek in Nepal in 2014?

watch this if you want to see some nice things about Nepal

Next school year?

There is the likelihood that I will spend the 2014-2015 academic year in Nepal. I feel privileged that this is on the radar. I’m still working on the dates and activities. If I do, I can work to develop my past project, and really create something bright and shiny. It’s a lifetime opportunity for me. Stay tuned!

Video documentary

For me, I go to the places that are not quite on the tourist map unless something goes horribly wrong.  I have a Nepal RN license, and when I am there I go to hospitals to teach and work (volunteer). Yes, I post short videos of the hospitals and such, but I have not really organized them into something longer. My motivation in documenting what I do is to make it less forbidding to other foreigners who may wish to contribute in the area of global health nursing. The more you know before you go, the better off you will be.

Anyway, on YouTube I found this hour-long gem of tourism in Nepal.  It shows the main touristic spots of Kathmandu, then a detailed explanation of the trek to Everest Base Camp, then Chitwan, etc.  along the way, you get lots of scenes of street life in Nepal. I recommend this one. If you go to YouTube, you can find a playlist of mine titled “Essential Nepal Cultural Info” that covers more of the culture and little quirky things, such as the proper way to drink water out of a shared pitcher.

Trek in 2014?

I harbor a fantasy of inviting my daughters, as well as some friends, to come visit me in Nepal if I do go there for the entire academic year. If I am there, and they do visit me, we will go on some sort of trek. Maybe Annapurna Circuit as opposed to EBC. All of my trips until now took place during summer break from the University. Summer is monsoon, not the time to be hiking!  the best trekking weather is April-May or else September-October.


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