The Sacrament of the Goddess on the web

We are counting down to May

The book will be released in May, and you are all invited to the launch party in Charlottesville Virginia on May 10th. Q. Why Charlottesville?  A. Why not!

what is it about?

ummm, lots of interlocking themes. the experience of working in health care in Nepal can not be boiled down to just one small thing. It’s about hospitals; the civil war; the culture of Nepal; love and belonging; collectivist culture vs individualist culture; the legacy of colonialism; death and eternity.


An early reviewer noted that it fits about ten genres. It’s a thriller but it’s also a love story but it’s also a historical novel of the Nepal Civil War and it’s got a lot of ethnography in there.

The book is to be found on the web…

nowadays you need to have a social networking presence. so-o-o-o,



(note: we are running a free book giveaway contest on Goodreads. add your name and you may win a copy. hooray!)

Amazon: it’s on Amazon, now that the cover design is finished. (it’s a gorgeous cover, by the way….)  click here and you can find a way to  pre-order the book.

Going to the beach this summer? this will be the number one beach read for summer 2014.

YouTube: I have a YouTube channel, but I have not video’ed something for that site, yet. hmmm….. maybe I should….


What about Nepal? it’s a book about Nepal, will it be available there?

we will specifically have a second book launch in Kathmandu, sometime in June or July. This is not finalized yet. The Kathmandu edition will be priced in such a way as to make it affordable in Nepal.


4 thoughts on “The Sacrament of the Goddess on the web

  1. That’s great, things are moving fast! As soon as it’s released I’ll blast all my contacts with info about it .. and probably be giving lots of copies away as gifts come Christmas 🙂
    I love how this book spans and entwines so many genres and weaves together so many storylines. I wonder what you have in mind for Book Three..?

  2. A little more on the phrase “Fire in the Belly.”

    No, it does not imply fortification with high-octane spirits. Way way back in the early 1980s there was a writer named +!23( Bly who was the guru of the “mythopoetic men’s movement.”. He was not the only person exploring the idea of what it meant to be a Real Man. He was joined by Sam Keen, the author of a book titled (drum roll please…). “Fire in the Belly” which explored the source of passion and manly desire to achieve. so if you Google that one specific phrase you will come up with all kinds of references.

    And the overall conclusion? Man’s destiny is to make their mark on the world!

    Not to lose sight of the fact that the males of the species are here to fill a different role than the females. In New Age philosophy, the beginning of “polarity philosophy”

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