The Sacrament of the Goddess Book Release Party January 24th 2015 at 2 PM in Patan

Book Release and Book signing part Saturday January 24th 2015 in Lalitpur at Patan Durbar Square

read the USA reviews of The Sacrament of the Goddess from Amazon by clicking here.

Who: the author and all his friends, along with anybody else who likes good music.

What: a public chem-free celebration in an open-air space, featuring one of Kathmandu’s famous wedding bands of brass, clarinet and percussion. more details TBA!

When: Saturday January 24th at 2 PM

Where: in Patan Durbar Square, also known as Mangal Durbar.

Why: why not?

what else: we will have book signings and book giveaways. Buy a copy of the book and get free panipuri. Women who wear a traditional outfit can enter a drawing for a free signed copy.

What is the book about?

The Sacrament of the Goddess is a novel set in a mission hospital in Western Nepal as the Civil War creates chaos in their lives.  We follow a small group of dedicated doctors at the hospital over a ten year period. Sara is the last remaining Christian Missionary; Ram is a Hindu from India, and Ranjit is a Buddhist surgeon who now regrets being a womanizer in his youth. The young woman, Sushila, meets Matt, an American trekker and they fall in love, the last thing everybody needed.

The past is Prologue

Religious belief, and the role of women in Nepal are equal characters to the people in this book.

On one level this is a page-turning action novel in the medical suspense genre, but the depth of research will help the reader learn about the ways that women need to work to overcome a patriarchical society. Nepal is a land of contrasts between deep Buddhist faith, and the brutal civil war that terrorized the countryside for eleven years.

How to have a book release

The Book was published in USA in 2014, and it has taken awhile to arrange for publication in Nepal. The public release is scheduled for 2 PM January 24th, a Saturday in the afternoon.

“I’m not the kind of quiet guy who expects this to happen at a bookstore,” said Joe Niemczura, the author. “If I’m going to have a party, we need to make noise and have fun, even if it’s a bit boisterous.”

That’s why Joe hired a brass band to play for several hours. Additionally, there will be free panipuri for anybody who buys a copy, and some other activities involving book giveaways to make it fun.

“let’s turn this into a flash mob on a nice afternoon.”

For more information, send email to


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