teasing the reader in a novel of #Nepal?

Are you interested in the lives of the people in #Nepal?

Maybe – here to do serious medical work?

Want to read a book about the real #Nepal?

Or maybe – Are you a Nepali nurse or doctor  that wants to read something “real?”

The Sacrament of the Goddess Amazon page tells me there is a new review.

The title was:

An enjoyable fictional intro to real-life issues in modern Nepal

This is an impressive first novel which combines romance and Nepali culture and history in an easy-going, highly readable style. As an American physician who has visited Nepal numerous times doing teaching, public health research, and yes, toss in some trekking, I find the plot credible and the character development well done in the brief time allowed.

The history and cultural components are expert “teasers” enticing you to get a more in-depth exposure–ideally by going to Nepal! The religious discussions are very simplified, but again, will lead the reader to seek more data if interested. I

f you are planning to traveling to Nepal for the first time, this is good counterpoint to standard guides such as Lonely Planet. The medical discussions are appropriate and yet many Americans might find them difficult to believe, as they are harsh. Nepal is not a place fully appreciated by the naive, so take a little time to read this book before you go.When you get to Nepal, you can track down much denser historical, political, and religious tomes.Nepal continues to fascinate–and this book will give you some reasons why.

In Nepal, you can get this book at Vajra Books on Jyatha Marg in Thamel.


One thought on “teasing the reader in a novel of #Nepal?

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