The worst possible fear for every #Nepal woman, part one

What is the one thing that makes a Nepali woman wake up in a cold sweat at night?

If you think you know the answer to that question, add it to the comments and you may get a free copy of my novel. My book, The Sacrament of the Goddess, is about women’s issues in Nepal.  Early on, there was a choice to make: how to write it. I wanted to be able to give an idea of the lives of women in Nepal today and the challenges they face, but – I don’t want to sit down with any kind of a book that looks like the report of an NGO. I wanted to give western audience the idea of Nepal culture, but I was well aware that this book would be read by Nepali persons, especially by friends and colleagues whose respect I value greatly.

So – the format is a novel. Fiction.

I created a set of characters;

I used a setting in Nepal and a time period in which known historical events are documented.

It was easy to create a heroine that Nepali women could identify with. All I needed to do was to think about, and talk with, and spend time with, some of the strong women I know here. And describe a composite of those persons.

But then – things happened. To her and to people around her. She had to deal with relationships and events that would test the very fiber of her being.

And in weaving the fabric of her life, I needed to learn about the day-to-day lives of Nepali women. The readers will be able to tell how well I did. In Thamel, you can buy this book at Vajra Books on Jyatha, or at Tibet Books. In USA, you can get it via Amazon. Maybe it will be a motion picture someday!

What I learned:

I realized that the heroine, whose name is Sushila, needed to overcome fear in order to return to a normal life. And what were the fears? what was the greatest fear? I don’t think Nepali women are afraid of death. Or being sick, or being old. I don’t think they are afraid of spiders or snakes, or the number thirteen. I do know what they are afraid of, what wakens them in the night with the worst possible terror…… and it’s not what you think……

The answer is in the next blog, not this one!

I will give the answer in a blog next week…. in the meantime if you can guess what it is, give your answer below. Anybody who can guess correctly will be eligible for a free autographed copy of the novel….


So – stay tuned…..please subscribe to this blog… and take a look at the FaceBook Page for The Sacrament of the Goddess.


5 thoughts on “The worst possible fear for every #Nepal woman, part one

  1. The fear of getting married early! The insecurity feeling
    It may also be the parents..I was very scared of my parents and grandparents who were so strict me.
    It probably depends on ur own lifestyle.
    Ur prediction different.
    Ur quantitative research must have revealed a new thing!.Joe!

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