A simple idea for the Nepal Government to seize the initiative in Terai and silence the opposition

New statute promulgated

Okay, so now Nepal has a new constitution.

From Republica

From Republica

As a foreigner, I never have taken sides in this political conflict. I can see many points of view. My main thing has been, I hate the violence. If there is only one thing I have said from the beginning, it’s stop the killing.


And don’t target health care workers. The job of a nurse or doctor is already difficult.

“Cadre” in Terai?

Something that has annoyed me is when they refer to e demonstrators as “cadre.” Everyone uses that term. “Cadre” in English, implies the person is a trained fanatic willing to die for a radical cause. Somebody who has been indoctrinated. I’ve seen the videos of all the demonstrations – the  marches, the parades with lathis, the stone-throwing, the riot police – and in all of them the demonstrators are young men – boys, really.  They are not “trained” – not by any stretch of the imagination.

I would wager that many of them were there because – well, because all their friends were going. They attended the protests for the excitement of it. Just as if it was Mechhandranath jatra or something. When you look at the civilian deaths, some were completely random, but even from among the ones injured or even killed by police, nobody claimed they were a fanatic for this cause. The ones in Kailali who made premeditated murder seem to have been former combatants, not the regular guys.

There was a fine editorial in Setopati titled “Who will save Nepal now?” by Kirti Nida Bista, a former PM of Nepal.

During the past nine years after the end of people’s war, what the Nepalese people have received in return of great sacrifices they made is nothing but a bundle of sorrows and sufferings. The arrogance of power seems to have blinded political leaders and that is why instead of dedicating themselves to the service of the people, they are treating them as handy tools to ascension of power over and over again. Added to these humiliations and helplessness, the ugly and tragic events in Tikapur and other parts of the country, fueled by bitterness and distrust between the party leaders and the people, is likely to prepare a fertile ground for more conflicts and clashes in different kinds and nature in the years to come. – See more at: http://setopati.net/opinion/9293/#sthash.jRcNDRXu.KqpiCvud.dpuf

He mainly wrote about using water resources, be he also included:

In spite of this dismal reality, there is equally a prospect of hope for the people of Nepal. In the modern time, a nation’s identity as an independent and sovereign nation is acknowledged and accepted by its neighbors and the international community on the basis of its economic strength and social development. Nepal has a certain chance of progressing in the socio-economic sphere and that too in a reasonable time if it managed its natural resources in a judicious and productive manner. In order to make it happen, Nepal must produce visionary leaders from among the established political parties who should work in unity for Nepal, and Nepal alone. Going through the history of countries spread near and far, whether big or small with abundant or scanty natural resources, it is established beyond doubt that only those countries with strong and visionary leaders have been able to reach a stage of development capable of providing their citizens from affluence to all kinds of securities under a lawful regime. – See more at: http://setopati.net/opinion/9293/#sthash.jRcNDRXu.KqpiCvud.dpuf

This tells me that these guys could be easily converted into supporters of the government.

from Republica, Sept 15th 2015 showing a

from Republica, Sept 15th 2015 showing a “Stick Rally” in Sirlahi. If a large group of men show up with these, it is not a good sign. This rally happened to be peaceful.

In the picture above, imagine what these guys could accomplish if they were using construction tools instead of lathi.

Here is the idea:

The first time I ever used this terminal, they had a machine gun post, sand bags and all, on the roof.

The first time I ever used this terminal, they had a machine gun post, sand bags and all, on the roof.

Give them all a job, right in the Terai. I think instead of sending so many young men from Terai to work in Quatar, there is a major infrastructure project that could absorb thousands of men into the workforce. It’s the airport in Bhairawaha. This has already begun but it could be fast-tracked and upgraded. Nepal needs a second major airport.

They are already planning to spend three billion USD.  It’s okay to develop a plan that invests in the Nepali workforce to supplement this. Maybe they could get it done faster; but they could certainly help rebuild the economy of the Terai.

There is description of the present plan. click here.

Nepal has the workforce. The main thing needed is to seek additional foreign investment, and the airport would be a fine project. Forget boring a tunnel to Kathmandu. Forget the mountain road to Everest. What is needed by these guys in Terai is a job and some skills.


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