The Art of Criticism and the Greatest Book Review Ever Written

The following five-star review was bestowed on the English-language novel of Nepal, The Sacrament of the Goddess.

Written in 2014 to explore the aspects of Nepali culture that go beyond the temples and trinkets. The day-to-day life in Nepal is not easy. You can get this book at Vajra Books on Jyatha in Thamel, or Tibet Books. Or Amazon

Written in 2014 to explore the aspects of Nepali culture that go beyond the temples and trinkets. The day-to-day life in Nepal is not easy. You can get this book at Vajra Books on Jyatha in Thamel, or Tibet Books. Or Amazon

I believe this is a positive review, more or less….. you read it for yourself and decide…….

Book Summary:

I dont generally read hospital you do so. On the goddess took me they are all beings with nepalese maoist. Want everyone on earth at one issues seems to read relationship I helped his medical. All invited to good medical background and a love eastern side. Low income country known as a nurse volunteering. That I must unravel the top of both familiar and accurate. Boy loses girl suspense right, at hand knowledge of star crossed lovers kidnapping unfamiliar. This particular plotline could be war history perhaps the compromised procedures. Want to capture images of the way. The nepals recent maoist battles star crossed lovers I have accumulated about doctors. If anything interests me a nurse volunteering at registered. Unable to portray a love of, them out of nepal all. This book itself out it will please readers who wants to keep about nepal. Any nurse journalist nyc in usa.

To need to day at a summer coaching nursing in addition. That I learned in nepal civil war between fiction. All the plotline could almost be, bigger and affection how. However unlike his life and another level up the culture unfamiliar religious practices. I helped his love war which, is where am a clinic without being. When the sacrament of entertainment and sushila been in a scripted happily share. I must thank the book revolves around. In nepals recent maoist battles and of his many life the sacrament. Joe conveys with niemczura’s style individualistic culture and volunteers.

The end when you are beautifully, written a trek during the book moments. The jail is a pre release, manuscript down to upload images of his pipe and friend.

If anything interests me I will tell me. Note the country’s civil war shreds group trumps eyes. On the infinite in nepal these days for plot of river and novels. He puts his medical scenes are likely centuries old mr. And its one issues into a small city in nepal this novel bring their. I have a low income country the sacrament of armed police force. It is made of the manuscript down for goddess not only wants. I was a small thing picture. There is so it in beni very same tin the west and anesthetized near. Boy loses girl these things I detest romantic erotic writing but that saved! Less sacrement of complexity the, goddess the individual I encourage anyone. Low water this way beyond the, hospital brings even though they do they. Less you are multiple layers as well a kindness and fruits so precisely. Writer novel to acceptable I met him with clean sheets.

Any Questions?

This review appeared in a foreign site that downloads e-books. The author was channeling James Joyce.

As you might imagine, The Sacrament of the Goddess has yet to be translated into any language other than the one in which it was written. Yet, because it is set in Nepal, there are many Nepalis who are interested by it – intrigued, you might say.

For these persons, enjoyment of the book is partly determined by their ability to read a foreign language. To write a review? even more of a challenge!

The site it appeared on is one that pirates e-books overseas. Yes, they got my novel; and yes, they wrote a review.

For a more coherent review, click here.



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