Buy “The Sacrament of the Goddess” as a Christmas present for the #globalhealth aficionado in your life.


The back cover of the USA edition was a short synopsis. By the time we printed the Nepal edition, there were some reviews to quote and they were more colorful. In a bookstore, people make decisions to buy based on the first page and back cover, or so they say.

If there is a person in your life interested in #global health, this is the perfect Christmas present for them.

An aficionado?

Is a person who has aficion for something. Hemingway used the term in The Sun Also Rises to describe that feeling when a fan of bullfighting finds another fan whose passion runs deep.

Yes, it’s a novel. But the stories are based on true-life medical situations encountered in a rural hospital of Nepal, the Himalayan country.

There was a civil war in Nepal for eleven years and it is part of this book. Nepal is considered to be a spiritual country, and many visitors view it only through that lens. It is an unfortunate truth of global health that you get to see behind the curtain to experience life in a new way.

It’s set in the foothills, not the actual Himalaya. Very few people live in the actual Himalaya.

I tried to capture some more sophisticated cultural issues of the average Nepali person. There are no western rock jocks in this book.

You are at the wordpress blog that goes with the book. Take a look at the page titled, “Glossary of terms to Accompany the book, annotated” for just a hint of the mystery that awaits.

In USA you can find it on Amazon.



The Sacrament of the Goddess on the web

We are counting down to May

The book will be released in May, and you are all invited to the launch party in Charlottesville Virginia on May 10th. Q. Why Charlottesville?  A. Why not!

what is it about?

ummm, lots of interlocking themes. the experience of working in health care in Nepal can not be boiled down to just one small thing. It’s about hospitals; the civil war; the culture of Nepal; love and belonging; collectivist culture vs individualist culture; the legacy of colonialism; death and eternity.


An early reviewer noted that it fits about ten genres. It’s a thriller but it’s also a love story but it’s also a historical novel of the Nepal Civil War and it’s got a lot of ethnography in there.

The book is to be found on the web…

nowadays you need to have a social networking presence. so-o-o-o,



(note: we are running a free book giveaway contest on Goodreads. add your name and you may win a copy. hooray!)

Amazon: it’s on Amazon, now that the cover design is finished. (it’s a gorgeous cover, by the way….)  click here and you can find a way to  pre-order the book.

Going to the beach this summer? this will be the number one beach read for summer 2014.

YouTube: I have a YouTube channel, but I have not video’ed something for that site, yet. hmmm….. maybe I should….


What about Nepal? it’s a book about Nepal, will it be available there?

we will specifically have a second book launch in Kathmandu, sometime in June or July. This is not finalized yet. The Kathmandu edition will be priced in such a way as to make it affordable in Nepal.