Where to Buy The Sacrament of the Goddess in Thamel

Update: in USA, get The Sacrament of the Goddess from Amazon.

The concert in Mangal Durbar was a wonderful book event. Since then I feel serene. Good music with good friends will do that for a person. We can’t control the political process or the price of LP gas, but nobody should feel defeated.

IMG_20150125_153723The Sacrament of the Goddess is now for sale in selected bookstores in Thamel, Kathmandu. There are three places to find this epic novel.

The first is “Vajra Book Shop” on Jyatha Marg, the bookstore in the ground floor of the Norling Hotel IMG_20150125_153729.


Go to Thamel (!)

start at Garden of Dreams.

go west on Tri Devi Marg, take your first left (south) onto Jyatha (if you go all the way to Thamel Chowk it’s too far.)

Vajra Book Store is on the  left, under the blue “Norling” sign.

The owner is named Upendra Tulachan. His mobile number is 9841293420.

the second is (confusingly enough) also named “Vajra Books” and it’s also on Jyatha Marg. Call 422 0562 to reserve a copy. Bidur Dangol is the Managing Director. They will also mail to other parts of Nepal – send email to vajarabooks@Hotmail.com


The Third is the Tibet Bookstore, located on Tri Deve Marg, the main drag into Thamel from the east, near Fire and Ice Pizza place. This has always been an amazing book store and I am honored to be on the shelves there (though I hope you buy it and I fly off the shelves!)


In case you are wondering, I did not pose this photo – the Tibetan monk just happened to be standing there. The retail price is 500 nrs. When you read it, please post a review somewhere and tell your fiends…..


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